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Safari Car Hire makes it possible for an African dream trip. All ground Transportation to conservation areas deserves a 4*4-wheel car drive to have the best of experiences, to access the wildlife conservation areas, you need to have an easy way of reaching the destination and the answer to this is simply hiring a safari car.

Safari Car Hire

The safari car hire comes in the budget to meet all your luxury, midrange, and best budget travels, Uganda is a beautiful country landlocked in the east African part of Africa, it is comprised of  10 conservation areas including Murchison falls national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park Semuliki National Park, Mountain Elgon and Mountain Rwenzori National conservation areas. The conservation areas are home to abundant wildlife, physical features, plant and tree species, the parks are located several kilometers from the countries city center, the nearest being Lake Mburo National Park situated along the Masaka – Mbarara highway.

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The views of the park are amazing a sit presents a chance to view wildlife including the zebras, warthogs, elands, baboons, topi, kobs, Rothchilds giraffes to mention a few, popular activities like Game drives are done Using 4*4 wheel car drives, the drives are done in most of the Ugandan Savannah parks that lie along the floor of the great Albertine rift valley region, the top rooftops to enable you to have great views of wildlife species, refresh, and perfect photograph points without interruption.  Below is a description of some of the cars we use for a typical African safari most popular include super customs, 4*4 wheel drive drones, Land cruisers, Prados, and Rav 4’s.

Safari Car Hire

It should be noted that it is important to hire a safari car together with an experienced driver-guide, these a knowledgeable and will help to identify the different routes to several destinations, besides the routes they are knowledgeable and you will enjoy the conservation areas as he or she will be explaining each attraction you meet, identify wildlife species including birds. They can be helpful in the events of  Mechanical issues.

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The land cruiser is most preferred for long-distance journeys because of the tough terrain of the conservation areas, they are well spacious, and in cases of a larger number of people they can use an extended Land cruiser. Safari vans take up to 10 people per car, usually hired with a driver, it is spacious with enough room for carrying luggage as well, it is characterized with a 4*4 wheel car drive and a pop rooftop, the guides tagged along have experience in the field, English speaking guides who will give a vast understanding of the National Parks.

Safari Car Rental

Super customs and RAV4’s can be given on self-drive or with a driver for a cost that is very pocket friendly to meet almost every traveller’s need. Super customs are sometimes referred to as mini safari vans, they have been the best fit for trips of long distances can be customized to have an open roof for proper game viewing especially in the savannah national park, it has a 4-wheel mechanism which will allow movement even in worst African road, it can take up to 8 people a functioning Mp3 player for music to topple up the excitement of the safari. Coaster buses carry up to 30 people in cases of group safaris to the national protected areas it is a comfortable mini for long-distance travel with enough space to keep the property.

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The countries can be visited all year round, best during the dry season, it gives perfect views of wildlife, birds, the country is popular for Primates Mountain gorillas being at the top of the list including the Chimpanzee.

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