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Golden Monkey Tracking in Volcanoes National Park

Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park is Rwanda’s top popular destination, Along the slopes of the Virunga volcanic massif is the conservation area, known for its primate species residents the Mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkeys, it is one of the top popular tourist activities to do While in Volcanoes national park. It is situated north of Rwanda protecting the steep slopes of three mountain ranges, trekking golden monkeys is one of the true genuine experiences in the wilderness, Golden monkeys only exist in the Virunga (Volcanoes National Park ad Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. Golden monkeys are rare and critically endangered according to the IUCN red list.

Golden monkeys are a local species of monkeys characterized by several features like golden brown fur on their faces which uniquely presents them with beauty, they live within the bamboo forest of the national park together with the mountain gorillas, there are two troops of Golden monkeys which have been habituated for client visit in the national park living in families of up to 100 members, the creatures jump from one tree to another and are very playful. The Monkeys are communicable, and social within their circles, they weave and make nests within which they stay, the monkeys are herbivorous feeding on edible herbs, branches, Bamboo feeds, and many other plants of the forest. The life expectancy of a golden monkey is up to 20 years, females live and guard one territory while men can roam around even in other territories. Female Golden Monkeys Are Known to give birth after every two years.

The easiest way to track the golden monkeys is by following the bamboo trail and dotted fresh bamboo shoots with bits from the monkeys, Golden monkey tracking mostly takes place within the national park, for those interested in doing the activity it is advisable to be at the park headquarters by 7:00am for a briefing from the park rangers. The largest troop of monkeys is located near mountain Karisimbi slopes of up to 80 members, tracking Golden monkeys is an exciting activity to do, other park activities include Mountain gorilla trekking, birding in volcanoes national park, hiking the Dian Fossey tombs. Trips can be made to several other conservation areas for more primate experiences.

To track golden monkeys, it is advisable to track buy permits before the booking time an hour is allowed with the monkeys while enjoying and taking pictures, it is difficult to take one straight picture while on the move because the monkeys are always busy so set your camera upfront! Golden monkeys are among the many endemic species of the great Albertine rift valley region. Just like the mountain gorillas, there are rules and regulations put in place while with the golden monkeys for safety measures for example avoiding the use of flash photography while taking pictures, keeping a 1-meter distance rule, visitors with communicable diseases like flu are not allowed to do the activity.

The park is the closet conservation area to Kigali city approximately 2 hours’ drive, passing through the hilly backdrop of Rwanda’s many mountains is an experience of a lifetime, facilities to stay at are so close to the national park, best suited for travelers ranging from Luxury to the best budget.

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