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Bisate Lodge premieres along the edges of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, the conservation area is the top-selling destination in Rwanda Known for Mountain gorillas and Golden Monkeys.

Bisate Lodge

It is the place where you can find the research centre for American Primatologists whose works on primates were evident, she was buried within the ecosystem and visits to her tombs are prominent, the lodge is a luxury facility with a unique architectural design built to present the old Royal design of Rwanda’s kingdomship.

Bisate has ranked 34 awards since opening time, it presents hospitality that will make you enjoy your stay, the six amazingly thatched villas are angelically tucked between the forest lush, and the traditional shapes suit the country’s culture.

Each of which has a spacious veranda opening to perfect views of the forest. the bedrooms and large receptions are placed with central fireplaces.

It is the perfect destination lodge for a romantic dinner enjoying tropical fruits, and fresh vegetable cuts from the garden.

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