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Trust Africa Safaris is a Rwandan based tour and travel agency with many years of experience in operating exceptional wildlife safaris and gorilla trekking tours to Rwanda and beyond. We have got vast expertise in the industry and we have organised and run multiple wildlife tours over the years. We are ready to give you the best safari of your time, that we know about us!


At Trust Africa Safaris we run safari tours to the whole of East Africa, that is to say Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. These tourist destinations has got plenty to offer and are all unique in their own way. Rwanda and Uganda are famous for the gorilla trekking safaris while Kenya and Tanzania are famous for the epic wildlife game drives in the savannah game parks. Whatever your interest is as a tourist, East Africa will probably have it and in plenty.

Our Staff.

We have a team of professional staff that have been doing this for a very long time. When you book your safari with us, our team will pay full attention to every last detail of your safari inquiry and will ensure that everything is catered for, so that you relax and enjoy your time on safari. We have the efficiency and flexibility to make any adjustments to your trip even on short notice.

Safari Vehicles.

We only use the most reliable and well maintained comfortable safari vehicles on all our trips and our tour safari guides are great professionals with detailed knowledge of the tourist destinations to ensure you have a great time while on safari.

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